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If your property was built prior to 1986 there is a good chance you could have some asbestos fibers embedded into some of the construction materials. Known as the hidden killer, it is important that you have asbestos materials professionally removed before it has the chance to seriously damage your health and those around you if disturbed.

At Clean First we provide asbestos abatement and removal services in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Burlington and all GTA to help identify and remove asbestos containing materials as quickly and efficiently as possible. Quality, honesty, reliability and customer service backed by real customer reviews and referrals at competitive prices since 1989. If you already know and tested your materials and are ready to remove them, than give us a call for a competitive estimate and find out what separate us from our competition. All of our asbestos abatement work is backed by our lifetime guarantee. Our professional technicians with the latest equipment and knowledge with the utmost respect for your property and situation make our name and exceed client satisfaction every time. Bottom line, we treat your home or property like we treat ours.


What is Asbestos, and Why is It A Problem?

Asbestos was a heavily used building material from the 1950’s to 1990’s, and was known for its great insulation, fire protection, strength and resistance to chemical erosion properties. Over time however, it was discovered that asbestos has extremely detrimental health effects. Being in contact with material is not dangerous in itself, but once it is moved or disturbed the material becomes airborne and toxic and the main cause of mesothelioma.

Asbestos is often described as a hidden killer, as it can take 10 + years to find out you have cancer from asbestos exposure. Many people who have come in contact with asbestos for prolonged periods suffer with serious chronic diseases as a result. If you are concerned you have asbestos, contact us for a FREE inspection. Do not try to remove the materials yourself.

How do Know if I have asbestos?

If your property was built prior to 1986 there is a good chance you will have some asbestos fibers embedded in to the construction materials.

While some asbestos materials are exposed and an abatement company can easily identify and visually compare with previously asbestos materials that have been tested and tested positive, the sure way is to collect samples of the suspected materials and submit it to an asbestos lab for testing and identification.

At Clean First we provide asbestos inspection and testing services to help identify quickly and efficiently. We also provide effective asbestos removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Burlington and all GTA with quality customer service at every stage.

Where is asbestos most commonly found in homes?

Asbestos are commonly found in homes build prior to 1986. In Toronto is commonly found in 9″x9″ vinyl flooring, old ceiling tiles, older linoleum flooring, radiator pipe wrap insulation, boiler rooms, drywall joint compound (mud used to tape and finish drywall) popcorn texture, plaster, paper wrap around floor vents and ducts, and vermiculite insulation. Check our easy guide on identifying asbestos in homes.

How do I get a sample of asbestos?

You get a a sample of the suspected material by cutting a small piece (1 inch x 1inch) and place it on a zip lock bag, use a marker on zip lock bag to identify sample (Ex: sample 1 vinyl floor basement) submit it to an asbestos lab for testing and identification of type and amount of asbestos containing materials. Alternatively you can call us to collect and test the samples for you.

How do I deal with asbestos in my home?

Asbestos in homes are imbedded to the materials and do not pose a problem unless removed, disturbed or are deteriorated. Asbestos fibers were imbedded into the materials to make them stronger. If you are planning on large renovation, constructing or demolition on a house built prior to 1986 you must follow Ontario regulation 278-05 and get a Designated Substance Survey Report. If you are just moving a wall or small renovation you might just need a few lab samples to identify those areas. You can give us a call or get a DSS report here.

Does asbestos reduce property value?

Asbestos can reduce property value if visually identified during a buyers home inspection. Often the buyer will want the materials removed prior to occupancy. The buyer could also be concerned with other building materials having asbestos, specially if buyer is planning on renovating. Real estate transactions often negotiate the price if asbestos materials are found on purchase inspection.

What to do if asbestos is found on a job site?

Stop all activities, shut down all ventilation, do not remove exposed tools or items from the jobsite. Call an asbestos abatement contractor or consultant to test and confirm the presence of asbestos containing materials. Upon confirmation, a qualified asbestos abatement company or consultant can generate an asbestos removal procedure according to current guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and proper disposal.

What happens if you breathe in asbestos once?

It will depend on the time, length of exposure and types and the amounts of asbestos fibers in the materials. Hanging a picture on an asbestos containing material is way less exposure then demolishing a home full of asbestos. Most often, we see small exposures but always refer to medical advice. In some extreme cases we see repeated exposures with large amounts like in the case of  the building collapses of 911.

Can you just cover asbestos?

Yes, if asbestos materials are in good condition, not deteriorated or broken and not disturbed while covering. It’s very common in Toronto and GTA to find hidden asbestos materials below flooring and sometimes over plaster, popcorn texture or ceiling tiles, where the cost of asbestos removal influenced the decision of covering up asbestos rather than remove them.

How to remove asbestos?

Removing of asbestos containing materials should always be done by a Certified Asbestos Abatement contractor or company following current asbestos abatement guidelines in your location. Ontario current guideline is  Ont-278-05

2022 asbestos abatement costs in Toronto and GTA

Current prices for the removal of asbestos materials in Toronto and DO NOT include disposal, containment, price of Hepa equipment needed, personal protection etc.

Asbestos vinyl tile removal $4.63 / sq. foot

Asbestos drywall removal $2.24 / sq. foot

Asbestos floor mastic removal  $5.00 a/sq. foot

Asbestos popcorn texture removal from $5.09 / sq. foot

Asbestos pipe wrap removal minimum $1300 plus depending on size

Asbestos siding removal $3.35 / sq. foot

Asbestos shingles removal $252.09 / sq. yard

Asbestos floor vent wrap removal $128 per vent with minimum charge if applicable


The history of asbestos materials

Asbestos was a heavily used building material from the 1950’s to 1990’s. It was known for its great insulation, fire protection, strength and resistance to chemical erosion properties. Over time however, we have discovered very detrimental health effects with this material.

Being in contact with a building built with this material is not dangerous in itself. It is once these building materials are disturbed and aggravated (i.e. due to construction) that these materials become active.

Health issues of asbestos exposure

Anyone who performs work in their older house or building with out testing first for asbestos is in danger of exposure to asbestos-contaminated air. It is often described as a hidden killer because it can take 10 + years to find out you have cancer from asbestos exposure.

Many people who have come in contact with asbestos for prolonged periods have suffered from serious chronic diseases such as Mesothelioma, and lung cancer. This is a very serious issue and its effect on health has been very well documented. These diseases take time to develop, and when diagnosed, it is often too late for any corrective treatment.

In Ontario is the Law and is mandatory (Reg 278-05) property owners, before renovating a property built prior to 1986 to test for asbestos and other contaminants and provide it to the contractors (designated substance report).

When to hire a professional to remove asbestos versus doing myself.

Almost all the materials that contain asbestos fibers  and have different percentages embedded,

while typically a vinyl floor tile can contain 4% Chrysotile a linoleum floor can contain 70% or higher like pipe wrap at 90% in some cases.

The size of the area, the type of material, and the method of removal will determine the levels of asbestos abatement.

You also have to consider if the material containing asbestos fibers is easily disturbed (friable) or not easily disturbed (non friable) like drywall, plaster etc.

In Toronto we follow an asbestos regulation ONT-REG 278-05 and it’s the law when dealing with asbestos.

You would also have to consider where and how to dispose of asbestos waste since it is illegal to dispose in the regular garbage .

If you have small areas like a couple of vinyl tiles that are not crumbling maybe you could do it yourself and contract a proper disposal company, however you should always call a professional asbestos removal company for advice and guidance.

Asbestos testing results and choices on removal  might be confusing so give us a call and we can guide you on what are the best options for your particular situation with no pressure, we are here to help, call 647-360-3796

Why you should hire The Experts for abatement

In Toronto, there are asbestos regulations that legally must be followed by anyone when dealing with asbestos. These cover aspects such as initial removal, to disposal (it is illegal to dispose of asbestos in the regular garbage). By hiring removal experts, you can be sure that not only will there be minimal damage to the property and your health, but that you will also be operating within the law.

Contact us for a free Asbestos Inspection, as well as advice and guidance on your asbestos problem and removal. All of our work is guaranteed.

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