Fan Coil Unit Mold Remediation

Our professional technicians are experts on fan coil mold remediation. Cleanfirst has been remediating, refurbishing and replacing fan coils in Toronto and Gta since 1989.

The causes and source of why we get mold inside the fan coil unit.

Moisture and organic materials found inside a fan coil unit like insulation, causes the growth of mold and often requires mold remediation of the fan coil.

Most fan coil units in condominiums use a 2-4 pipe system where water is carried throughout all units, in the winter hot water is provided by the condominium boiler and in the summer cold water by the chiller.

Fan Coil Unit Mold

Fan Coil Unit MoldSince the fan coil units have evaporator coils that always sweat moisture when the AC is turned on, often the paper lining of the insulation on the fan coil unit gets a lot of mold.

This is due to excessive accumulation of moisture and organic food source.

As occupants do not generally check or maintain the inside of the fan coil units in their condominium, they are unaware and are breathing and spreading mold spores that are residing inside their fan coil units.






Check The Inside Of Your Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Unit Mold Inside

Mold Inside A Fan Coil Unit:

This is what it looks like if you  have mold inside your fan coil unit.

Fan Coil Unit Mold Fan Coil Unit Mold Fan Coil Unit Mold Fan Coil Unit Mold

When do I need fan coil mold remediation?

Mold remediation inside the fan coil units is often needed if your insulation and components inside reveal mold contamination. Type 2 mold remediation is needed in order to not cross contaminate the mold to other areas while removing it from the materials, to protect the safety of the occupants and to ensure the fan coil unit and all other components are free of any mold.

Do all fan coil units have mold?

If you use the air condition in the summer months and your condominium fan coil is a few years old, than you probably have it since all manufactures still use cheaper insulation that has a food source for mold (paper lining). Since moisture will always be present in the ac season inside the fan coil unit, the necessity of avoiding any organic materials inside is the key to avoid a mold contamination. (Moisture plus organic food source = mold)

Why do I need insulation on the fan coil units?

Insulation on the fan coil unit has 2 primary functions, 1 thermal value and 2 noise reduction.

The insulation protects the galvanized box to become wet and rust since is always exposed to moisture and heat; and also reduces sound coming from fan coil blower housing and other mechanical components.

How do I know if I have mold inside my fan coil unit?

By opening the fan coil unit and inspecting the inside or calling us for a free inspection.

Steps to open a fan coil unit;

1- lift door above filter

2-Remove N#10 screws on side (frame) of cover

3-Remove next 2 screws on galvanized front door.

4- Inspect inside of fan coil for mold growth.

Can I kill the mold myself?

Temporarily you probably could but it won’t stop from re occurring since you must remove the food source and the materials are too porous to effectively kill any mold growth. Safely Removal of the porous organic materials is often the recommended solution.

Is it safe for me to choose not to do mold remediation of my fan coil unit?

Most often you are being exposed to thousands of spores, you can become sensitized, have allergic symptoms or worse if you have an immune compromised condition. There are currently no mold exposure guidelines; Health Canada recommends the removal of all molds from our indoor environment regardless of the species. However no one wants to buy a Condominium apartment where they will be exposed and breath mold from the fan coil unit.

What are the costs of mold remediation in fan coil units?

Costs can range from $800 to $1500 depending on the repairs needed and how many units, the accessibility, type of materials, and amount of replacement or repair need it dictate the pricing. A free inspection by an experienced technician will determine what can be repaired or replaced.

We have successfully remediated and repaired thousands of fan coil units to a new condition. Call us for your free inspection and peace of mind.