Professional Mold Remediation & Asbestos Abatement

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Mould inspections are necessary to determine what caused the Mold growth and generate a plan to remove it safely and permanently correct the problem.

Mold Removal & Remediation Service in Toronto

Mould is Hazardous to your Health! We only use the latest equipment and tools to ensure the mold removal or mold remediation is done safely and permanently. We Guarantee it

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos causes Cancer. If your property was build before 1986 you are at risk of having asbestos materials. We are equipped to test and safely remove Asbestos from your property

Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing identifies and detects all possible dangerous contaminants existing inside of your property that can be harmful to your health.

Everything you need to know about mold , causes, prevention & clean up.

What our Clients Say

  • 5 out of 5 stars! After our loss and dealing with other contractors we were so scared, but you really showed us that there are still good contractors out there. Thanks again! You guys did a great job and thank you for all the extra drywall repairs your crew did....
    Mari Altomare
  • Restoring your peace of mind what an understatement. I was so scared after having the home inspection and after calling other contractors. You educate us and fixed the issue and we didn’t even have to move. Your crew is fantastic and did a great job, you really have nice people...
  • Hi Luis, thank you again for your help on the mold removal, your crew were so helpful to us and did a fantastic job. We forwarded all the information to the real estate agent and were able to sell the house. I will definitely recommend you and your services.
    Julie and Nick

Featured Mold Blog Posts

Musty smell in basements- Causes, prevention and cleanup

Musty smell in basements- Causes, prevention and cleanup. Many of our Customers that call in for mold inspections in basements often have a musty odour complaint coming from the basement. 99% of the time the musty odour is because of your basement foundation walls are wet, either because an exterior defect, a crack in the […]

Top 3 Sources of Mould in Condominiums

How to prevent mould in Condominiums   1- Flooding. Any water damage not taken prompt action will result in mould growth. It’s common to get flooded in condominiums and while is not often from inside your unit, most times comes from apartments above and out of your control. Washrooms, laundry and kitchens are usually the […]

The Top 7 Most Important Questions to Ask a Mold Remediation Company

People who live in Toronto and GTA are constantly being exposed to mold without knowing. Apartment and condo buildings in the inner city are large and crowded, large amounts of concrete and paved roads do not disburse water into soil like in more rural areas and instead  strain city sewer systems and foundations. This makes it difficult […]
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