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If you suspect that you have a basement mold issue, call us and we will send a certified mold inspector to your home to inspect for mold and possible moisture issues that can activate mold growth. We will determine if there is a problem and the extent of it, and will also determine the cause and recommend a permanent solution.

Do i need a mold inspection?

If you suspect of mold, have visible mold or it smells like mold, then trough a mold inspection we can detect the problems with a variety of tools like air quality testing, thermal imaging and moisture readings.

This first step is simply to contact us to determine the extent of the problem and the tools and options necessary for your particular case.

Toronto Basements and mold

Lets face it, 90% percent of houses in Toronto are 50 plus years old. Older foundations and narrow spaces when faced with deficiencies in water shedding will lead to cracks in foundation and subsequent mold growth.

Most often this small cracks in foundations will go un noticed for years causing mold growth in drywall, framing and baseboards. Window leaks are also a consistent source of not only foundation cracks appearing but also mold.

While constant high humidity is a cause for concern and a potential mold problem, often the cause of the high humidity is not easily discovered and the cause is never addressed leading ultimately to mold growth and mold smells like in cold cellars.

Where in Basements mold is found?

Since mold needs a food source and water damage to grow, often the exterior foundation walls or any concealed plumbing like basement bathrooms are the perfect source of moisture and organic materials for mold to flourish.

I found mold growing in my baseboard, what to do?

Often in basements the first sign of a problem is when mold is growing in baseboards which is a clear indication that there is a moisture issue within that wall area. Cleaning is not an option and it will only delay the inevitable and the mold problem will increase. most often mold removal and remediation safely exposes the problem and provides an opportunity to correct it with making an informed decision.

How to detect and inspect mold in a basement

Visible mold is easy to detect since most people know what it looks like (fuzzy and cotton like appearance in different colors) similar to mold found in food.

If is not visible but you have a musty damp earthy smell, then the only way to detect it, is by air quality testing for mold. Air is withdrawn through a special cassette where all fungal’s that exist inside are impacted and collected on the cassette for laboratory analysis.

Fuzzy white powered like substance growing in basement concrete.

That white fuzzy substance growing in the basement is efflorescence not mold. while it smells like mildew and most often confused with mold, efflorescence is the cause of water damage drying and evaporation will push minerals, salt and calcium to the concrete surface, peeling paint and exposing aggregate in concrete or block foundations. Special attention is needed and often the problem can be visually observed from the opposite side.

I found mold in the basement?

Call us to determine if a mold inspection is necessary or you can deal with it on your own

With our mold inspections, we will examine all aspects of your basement in order to diagnose the issue and provide a permanent solution.

Is mold found in the basement toxic?

Depending on the quantity and organic material mold is decomposing it can cause problems to more susceptible individuals specially with asthma , allergies or immune compromised conditions. A mold inspection can determine the fungal’s species and toxicity.

I had water damage in my basement should i be concern of mold?

Water or flood damage can cause mold growth if not dried properly and inspected for moisture readings to determine the areas that must be removed in order to dry the basement quickly to avoid future mold growth. The type and source of water can also increase the bacteria and unsanitary conditions besides mold growth.

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