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Do you have Asbestos?

If your property was built prior to 1986 there is a good chance you will have some asbestos fibers embedded in to the construction materials.

Known as the hidden killer, it is important that you have asbestos professionally removed before it has the chance to seriously damage the heath of you and those around you.

At Clean First we provide asbestos inspection and testing services to help identify quickly and efficiently. We also provide effective asbestos removal in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and all GTA with quality customer service at every stage.

What is Asbestos and why is it a problem?

Asbestos was a heavily used building material from the 1950’s to 1990’s. It was known for its great insulation, fire protection, strength and resistance to chemical erosion properties. Over time however, we have discovered very detrimental health effects with this material.

Being in contact with a building built with this material is not dangerous in itself. It is once these building materials are disturbed and aggravated (i.e. due to construction) that these materials become active.

Health Issues

Anyone who performs work in their older house or building with out testing first for asbestos is in danger of exposure to asbestos-contaminated air. It is often described as a hidden killer because it can take 10 + years to find out you have cancer from asbestos exposure.

Many people who have come in contact with asbestos for prolonged periods have suffered from serious chronic diseases such as Mesothelioma, and lung cancer. This is a very serious issue and its effect on health has been very well documented. These diseases take time to develop, and when diagnosed, it is often too late for any corrective treatment.

In Ontario is the Law and is mandatory (Reg 278-05) property owners before renovating a property built prior to 1986 to test for asbestos and other contaminants and provide it to the contractors ( designated substance report).

What are the cost of asbestos removal in Toronto?

Current prices for the removal of asbestos materials in Toronto not including disposal. containment, negative pressure, personal protection etc.
Asbestos vinyl tile removal $4.63 a sq. foot

Asbestos drywall removal $2.24 a sq. foot

Asbestos floor mastic removal  $4.73 a Sq. foot

Asbestos popcorn texture removal from $4.54 a sq. foot

Asbestos pipe removal $5 to $15 depending on size

Asbestos siding removal $3.03 per sq. foot

Asbestos shingles removal $252.09 per sq. yard

Asbestos floor vent wrap removal $128 per vent with minimum charge if applicable.

6 ways of identifying asbestos materials

When to hire a professional to remove asbestos versus doing myself.

Almost all the materials that contain asbestos fibers have different percentages embedded,

while typically a vinyl floor tile can contain 4% Chrysotile a linoleum floor can contain 70% or higher like pipe wrap at 90% in some cases.

The size of the area, the type of material, the method of removal will determine the levels of asbestos abatement.

You also have to consider if the material containing asbestos fibers is easily disturbed (friable) or not easily disturbed (non friable) like drywall, plaster etc.

In Toronto we follow an asbestos regulation ONT-REG 278-05 and its the law when dealing with asbestos.

You would also have to consider where and how to dispose of asbestos waste since it is illegal to dispose in the regular garbage .

If you have small areas like a couple of vinyl tiles that are not crumbling maybe you could do it yourself and contract a proper disposal company, however you should always call a professional asbestos removal company for advice and guidance.

Asbestos testing results and choices on removal  might be confusing so give us a call and we can guide you on what are the best options for your particular situation with no pressure, we are here to help, call 647-360-3796

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