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While Mold can be harmful to your health, it is not always as bad as most companies within the mold industry lead you to believe. In fact, you probably come across mold on a daily basis, and often times they are not harmful. Many companies often employ fear-mongering tactics that over-exaggerate the issues unnecessarily. We don’t agree with that approach at CleanFirst and try to run an honest and transparent business with our mold removal service in Toronto, Oakville.

With that said, there are times however when mold can be extremely dangerous, and that’s what we hope to differentiate on this page. You will learn everything from how mold starts, to when to hire a specialist vs. doing it yourself. You’ll also learn about the implications, plus many other questions we frequently get asked.

No time to read? A quick summary is: Type 1 mold can be removed yourself. Type 2 and 3 molds should be done by a professional. Click here to figure out what type of mold you have

Introduction to Mold

Mold exists everywhere, and it’s not always a bad thing.

For example, finding molds outside your home, such as in composting, producing wines, or cheese is very common and definitely not dangerous. On the other hand, finding mold inside your home is a different story as it decomposes building materials, causes allergies, and much more.

Mold inside = Bad

Mold outside = Good

Mold growth stems from excess moisture in the house, and when this happens mold starts to grow. Things like a flood, pipe burst, overflow or lack of ventilation are all causes of excess moisture.

The key to keeping a home mold-free is not allowing excessive moisture and will guarantee a long-lasting and healthy home.

Over the past decade, mold removal technology has evolved so much that companies are now able to deal with some of the most dangerous situations in a matter of hours.

When to Hire a Mold Removal Specialist vs. Doing It Yourself | Mold Removal Service in Toronto, Oakville

There are 3 different classes of Mold. Type I, II, and III where type I is least severe, and type III is most severe.

NOTE: You do NOT need to hire anyone to help remove type 1 mold. We also do not provide services for type 1 mold removal as they can be easily taken care of yourself!

Type 1 Mold

Type I is anything that is less than 10 Sq. feet. Anyone with proper PPE and knowledge can have this taken care of easily. Generally, it is not worth the homeowner’s time to hire a team like ours for this as it would be too costly for how simply it can be removed.

Common examples include mold in the shower, small plumbing leak on kitchen cupboards, mold on window sills, etc…

Type I Mold | Mold Removal Service in Toronto, Oakville
Type I Mold

Type II Mold

Type II is anything from 10 to 100 Sq. feet.

At this level, you need specialized equipment, safety gear, and a certified team with experience with these types of jobs.

Type 2 mold
Type II Mold

The reason is because the exposure can be dangerous for your health. Some compare this to smoking 300 cigarettes in 30 seconds (it’s that bad!).

That is the amount of mold spores you will be inhaling which will cause a series of health issues (i.e. allergies). In addition, you risk spreading mold across your home creating mold growth in other areas.

This is exactly why there are guidelines on mold remediation; to protect the workers and the occupants without cross contaminating other areas.

Type III Mold

Type III mold is anything greater than 100 Sq. feet (a larger contamination area will require the use of powered oxygen masks and decontamination showers to protect the workers)

Type 3 Mold
Type III Mold

This is the most severe and you need to call a specialist immediately if you work or live in an environment like this. here is a video showing more of what Type III mold looks like.


What is the mold removal/remediation service in Toronto, Oakville?

Mold remediation is the process in which mold contaminants are removed without cross contaminate other areas and ensuring the safety and protection of all workers and occupants.

One particularly toxic mold – Stachybotrys Chartarum, or more commonly known as black mold, is extremely dangerous to your health. It releases dangerous mycotoxins that are known to have been used as biological weapons in the gulf war.

These black and sometimes toxic mold can be found in your attic, bathroom, basement, and basically everywhere in your living space that suffered from excessive or sudden moisture.

A successful mold remediation not only remove the contaminants, but addresses the moisture issues that initially caused mold growth. This is very important as mold is caused by excessive moisture on organic materials typically found inside of a house or facility.

Every case of mold removal or remediation is distinctively different by the moisture introduction and associated problems and damage, and it is therefore best to have it done by experts with specialized equipment.

Implications of extended mold exposure

Mold can be extremely toxic to your health and has been linked to several health issues (see our FAQ for more details on this). This is why we provide free mold inspection services to help identify problems as soon as possible. If a mold issue has been identified, an estimate will be provided to go ahead with the mold removal service process in Toronto, Oakville (this is also known as mold remediation).

By not dealing with this issue immediately, mold spores can easily spread around your house leading to further health issues. For those with known respiratory problems, such as asthma, mold often aggravates the symptoms instantly and for those with young children or immune compromised individuals other exposure symptoms can occur.

Furthermore, the spreading of mold will significantly depreciate the value of your property very quickly since no one wants to buy a home where mold is visible.

We can solve your mold removal problems. This is how:

We identify the type of mold, the source that caused the problem and generate a plan in how to remediate the mold safely and prevent it from ever coming back. of course all our work is guaranteed and upon completion, post-remediation testing will ensure work was successful and optimal air quality is established.


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Why can’t I just remove mold on my own?

Small spots of mold can be fairly easy to deal with but when the mold problem is extensive you can severely damage your health by trying to do mold removal without the proper equipment.

When mold is agitated, it, along with other hazardous components can spread into the air and consequently cause serious health problems for people in the area. This is dangerous to anyone inhaling the air. This poses a problem for not only your home, but for you as well since it undermines you air quality. We will be able to prevent this through the use of special tools and equipment such as installing special airs scrubbers negative pressure and containment during remediation.

Furthermore, a successful mold remediation includes the removal of mold spores as well, and not only building materials, which many people often neglect. This is much more difficult for the average person to do. We have specific tools, equipment and knowledge to ensure the safety of all exposed.

How much does is it cost for the mold removal service in Toronto, Oakville?

The answer depends on several factors, such as the extent of your mold problems, how difficult they are to remove, location etc. Each situation is different, but we have been in the business for 20+ years and have dealt with them all. What we can tell you is that it will cost less than the related Health problems will cost you and family members in the long term.

Our Mold Inspection process is FREE, so if you have any suspicions in your mind about this, then call us immediately at 1 800-520-7443.

Once Mold is removed will mold still spread?

Absolutely not! In fact, Mold removal performed by qualified professionals will leave your homes condition and air quality better than before.

Note: More often than not, when speaking to new customers, we find that they have hired their “master of all trades friend” to remove moldy materials from the house. What they don’t realize is that in the process of doing this, they have spread the mold spores across the entire house. This now means they have a bigger problem to deal with as it is no longer localized to one area.

Does mold travel through the heating/cooling system?

Absolutely. Mold spores are very small (0.3 microns and up) that make them invisible to the naked eye. When you are able to visibly see mold growing (the size of a postage stamp or greater), you are now dealing with 10 million mold spores forming a colony.

Mold will travel through the HVAC and contaminate other areas they come in contact with – this includes your clothing and furniture. Cleaning of the HVAC is crucial to the success of the mold removal process.

Which areas do you serve?

We serve Toronto and all surrounding regions.

Here are some popular areas we serve:

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