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CleanFirst professional mold removal and remediation technicians permanently solve any mold issues in the GTA including Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga with the best prices for over 31 years and hundreds of happy clients.

I found mold in my house, what should I do?

Mold often grows on organic materials affected by water damage or extreme condensation, often a undetected leak is causing the sufficient moisture for mold to grow. It is necessary to find the moisture source that is causing the mold growth, if you can’t do it yourself hire a professional like cleanfirst to identify the source of the moisture, deal with the mold safely and solve the cause of the moisture.

Can I remove mold myself?

While Mold could be dangerous to certain individuals in in certain circumstances, most of situations are easily dealt if the amount of mold is on a small area (less than 10 square feet). Larger areas require mold remediation with specialized equipment, personnel and techniques in order not to spread the spores to other areas. Always contact a mold specialist to guide you on what to do if you found mold and are attempting to remove it yourself.

Can mold be completely removed from a house?

Yes and no, mold exist everywhere in nature and is part of our environment, however what our industry refers often to, is toxic mold species that do not exist inside any home unless you have a water damage problem. Most mold found in homes comes from the outside air and should exist inside your house in smaller amounts; example if you live close to a forest, park or a neighbourhood with mature trees you will have more molds (fungal’s) outside than living in downtown core where there is  less nature and fungal activity. Toxic mold spores associated with water damage like Stachybotrys or Chaetomium can be safely removed from any house using mold remediation procedures that follow our Health Canada guidelines.

What kills mold permanently?

Most products designed to kill mold often found in stores do kill mold, like sodium hypochlorite, but the same goes for soap and water, while there are situations where more aggressive products must be used, if mold is imbedded into materials only discarding of the moldy materials and correcting the source of water damage is the correct answer. If mold creates a root into materials, killing products will not be able to completely eliminate it and often will come back within 30-60 days regardless . Trying to kill mold on a moldy apple is futile regardless of products used. Always consult a mold removal professional for proper advice and guidance on your situation.

Can mold grow back after removal?

Yes if the water damage or excessive moisture was not corrected. No if the source causing the mold growth was fixed. Mold needs an organic food source and excessive moisture to start decomposing the organic materials. Often people clean the mold but do not address the cause leading in mold to grow back.. A mold remediation company will always address the cause so when mold is successfully removed it will never grow back.

Can I live in a house with Mold?

Yes, we all have small amount of mold spores inside and outside of our homes. Mold’s have been part of nature and often are the recyclers of organic materials. We do not want  excessive amount of toxic species often associated with water damage live inside any house. Since we don’t have exposure limits, Health Canada recommends removing all visible mold from inside a property regardless of the species. Some people are highly allergic while others might not notice at all. If  you want to know what species and quantities of mold exist in your house you can test you air quality by giving us a call.

Do I have to leave the house for mold remediation?

Yes if the areas of remediation affect your living conditions. No if the areas of remediation to not affect other areas where you can still function like sleeping, access to bathroom, kitchen etc. Remediation always ensures the containment of the work areas affected with mold. Mold remediation will consist of all the equipment necessary to ensure no cross contaminates will spread to other areas (example; mold in basement should not affect any areas upstairs). A experienced mold remediation company will have proper planning and precautions to ensure the safety of the occupant’s and the workers and relate the planning to you.

How much is mold removal in Toronto?

As of 2022 the cost of mold removal in Toronto for a 1 day work with a 2 men crew, including containment, negative pressure, hepa vacuum and 1 load of disposal is $1500. While mold remediation companies have pricing per square feet applicable on large removals (example $2 per square feet of drywall removal) Most mold removal and remediation procedures, sizes equipment, personnel, time and disposal, dictate ultimate the cost.

Should all mold be professional removed?

No, only larger areas (more than 10 square feet) require professional mold remediation. Removing small amounts of mold ex: moldy food or mold on windows, caulking on showers and bathrooms often can be done by proper hygiene and cleaning frequency. Areas larger than 10 square feet should always be consulted my a professional mold removal company in order to determine the cause and source of mold and the remediation steps to ensure the permanent solution without spreading the spores to other areas and protecting the occupants and workers.

How much mold can you remove yourself?

Small amounts often called level 1 can be addressed by anyone as long as you are not allergic, immunocompromised and can safely do it, example of small amounts of mold in shower caulking, window sills, under kitchen cupboards .

Type I Mold | Mold Remediation in Toronto, Hamilton
Level I Mold

When not to remove mold yourself.

Areas larger than 10 square feet often called level 2 in mold remediation guidelines since you would require procedures and equipment in order not to spread the contaminants to other areas and ensuring your safety and the safety of others.

Type 2 mold
Example of level 2 mold picture

The absolute need of Mold remediation Companies;

Type 3 Mold
Example of level 3 mold picture

Extreme cases of level 3 mold remediation are often the cause of severe water damage left unattended for large amounts of time. Should only be done by mold remediation companies where remediation technicians are level 3 certified. Its dangerous and maximum precautions and contingency  plans and guidelines are supervised, See video bellow of type 3 mold remediation.

Established in 1989 Cleanfirst is uniquely positioned to deal with any size of mold contamination regardless of size and scope.

Give us a call, and we will free inspect your property, identify the cause and source of the mold and if necessary will generate a remediation plan to permanently correct the issue. All Our work is guaranteed.



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