A Glance at Attic Mold Growth Causes and Removal Solutions by CleanFirst

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  • March 13, 2019

Protecting the value of your home, the health of your family against attic mold is one of the major concerns. For that, you need to keep the ventilation systems of your home updated in order to keep moisture at bay, and it is crucial for frequent attic mold prevention. We at CleanFirst being in the industry and performing attic mold removal in Toronto for years know the significance of proper attic ventilation for preventing the formation of molds.

Before And After Attic Mold

 With proper attic ventilation, the attic temperatures remain even throughout the year in every season. Proper ventilation in summer helps in removing excess heat and in winter it prevents building up of excess moisture and accumulation of water condensation. Even if there is no leak in the roof, during the fall, winter and early spring season the moisture that leads to the growth of attic mold tends to occur. During winter, the warm air and moisture released from the house can escape to the cold attic area, and when the warm moist air comes across the cold attic surface, it creates frost which eventually causes water damage leading to mold formation and growth. If not treated on time it can even worsen the roof sheathing.

One of the common ventilation mistakes that we have come across in our years of service is the mixing up of multiple ventilation systems. Air enters the attic through soffit vents installed in the overhang of the roof and air is exhausted through either gable vents, ridge vents or power vents. But when different types of ventilation systems get mixed up; this creates problems. For instance, when you use the ridge vent and gable vent together, the ridge vent draws moist air from the outside which then causes damage the attic moisture accumulation cycle and creates air flow confusion!

Another ventilation mistake is bathroom ventilation to attic space! When the bathroom fans vent directly into the attic areas instead of going out of the home, moisture from the bathroom fan causes the formation of attic mold. So to prevent moisture from condensing within the pipe, it is imperative to use insulated ducting and insulate around the vent pipe exiting to the fan.

Also, in most of the cases, some level of moisture gets accumulated in the attic space due to the extreme temperature difference between your home’s environment and the environment outside.

But the question here arises how to know that there is mold growth in your attic and you immediately need a professional attic mold removal service? Certain health symptoms can be the first signs of toxic attic mold that include developing or worsening asthma, coughing, lethargy, itchy skin and eyes and sore throat. Although these symptoms might be because of allergies or cold if these last for more than two weeks then you need to check your attic! To avoid the worsening of these health symptoms, you need to eliminate the toxic molds from your attic as soon as possible.

If you suspect that there is mold growth in your attic and you are looking for a reliable and professional attic mold removal Toronto service; then call our experienced attic mold removal specialist at 647-691-0885. You can also write to us at [email protected]. We assure you that you will get a peace of mind by our effective and permanent attic mold removal solution.

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A Glance at Attic Mold Growth Causes and Removal Solutions by CleanFirst